Check out six new cards from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, The Witchwood — including none other than Genn Greymane.

Blizzard announced the newest Hearthstone expansion ‘The Witchwood,’ earlier today and already six new cards have been revealed from the jump, including — who else in a Gilneas-centric adventure? — but the King of Gilneas himself, Genn Greymane. (Will his card have some sort of special interaction with Sylvanas Windrunner, we wonder?)

Also interesting to note:

Echo cards can be played multiple times on the turn you play them. Each time, it’ll add a ghostly copy of the card back to your hand that disappears at the end of your turn.”

Looks like the Rogue Death Knight, Valeera the Hollow’s Hero Power, only for a single card.

“Minions with the Rush keyword can attack other minions immediately after they hit the board, either by being played or summoned. They cannot attack heroes until the turn after they enter play, however.”

Similar to the Charged Devilsaur card’s effect — it’ll be interesting to see more Charge minions that don’t immediately go face.

There will also be a new single-player mode (ostensibly similar to Dungeon Run) called Monster Hunt, featuring “four unique new heroes exclusive to this game mode:”

Stay tuned for the latest news on Hearthstone‘s newest expansion, “The Witchwood,” as it becomes available.