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Brigitte lore to be revealed in upcoming Q&A with lead Overwatch writer

Brigitte lore is on its way, but not how you’d think.

Members of the Overwatch community are expecting Brigitte to go live next week — assuming Blizzard follows the same release pattern as previous new heroes, that is. Typically when a new hero gets released there’s a stint on the PTR followed by developer information on their abilities, a short character bio and lots of pictures and videos. The lore of the hero slowly works its way out through various comics, tweets and other forms of media.

It looks like this time around Blizzard is breaking with tradition and providing Brigitte’s lore to fans through something we’ve never seen before, a Q&A blog with Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu.

Fans can submit their questions via social media using the hastag #BrigitteLore.

Personally I’d love to know what Brigitte’s cat is named and if she plans on getting any more tattoos. Fans have already started piling up the questions and there are quite a few good ones. Did Brigitte had contact with Overwatch members other than Torb and Rein growing up? How much can she deadlift? How does she like her eggs in the morning? What’s her relationship status?

There’s no mention of when the Q&A blog will be posted, but if we’re expecting the hero to be released next week, it’s probably soon. So don’t wait to get those questions in.


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