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March 14, 2018’s 5 in 5: The five comic books you should buy this week

This week’s 5 in 5 takes a look at Eternity Girl, The New Mutants and more.

Thanks to everybody who checked out last week’s inaugural edition of 5 in 5, a YouTube series where we take a look at the five most anticipated comics of the week to help with your pull lists. This week, host Connor Christiansen is back and talking The New Mutants: Dead Souls #1, Infidel #1, VS #2, The Punisher #222 and Eternity Girl #1.

It’s a big week for comics, and all of these titles are worthy of being on your pull lists this week. Young Animal has been simply killing it with essentially every release, and trust us, Eternity Girl will be no different.

Check out the video below, and of course, don’t forget to like/comment/subscribe!


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