Who or what is Hagatha, Hearthstone’s mysterious new Hero card?

Hearthstone‘s first new expansion for 2018, “The Witchwood,” was announced yesterday; among news of brand-new Echo and Rush cards, a Genn Greymane legendary and a Monster Hunt single-player mode was an interesting “half-spoiler” towards the end of the cinematic trailer: an 8-mana card with the silver dragon border used to denote Legendaries, depicting a cronish-looking orc woman.

According to a Twitter conversation with game director Ben Brode, the card, whose only discernible text reads “Hagatha the,” is one that will be extremely meaningful to “The Witchwood.”

“Hagatha is a dark shaman who has twisted the woods around Gilneas. She is the Witch in the Witchwood – we wanted to make her a hero card so that she’d stand out!” says Brode, who also noted that the Hero card would be the only new one of the expansion.

Will the Shaman hero card of “The Witchwood” feature an interesting new Ability? Will Hagatha increase Shaman representation on the Ranked ladder?

Update: Hagatha the Witch’s Battlecry and Hero Power have been revealed in the official Witchwood card reveal stream on the Hearthstone Twitch.tv channel.