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Marvel Two-In-One #4 Review

Thing and Human Torch travel through the multiverse!

Chip Zdarsky
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Marvel Two-In-One is bringing all the Fantastic Four vibes making it a highlight on my pull list. Chip Zdarsky has been writing great dialogue, keeping the characters at the forefront while they attempt to find Reed Richards and Sue Storm. The latest issue is out today and it holds some rather amazing reveals — one of which involves a certain FF villain.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

FATE OF THE FOUR Part 3! Ben and Johnny begin the search for their lost family! But the universe they’ve landed in may not last long enough!

Why does this matter?

This series seems to be moving down a road that’ll finally bring the Fantastic Four together. Isn’t that exciting? It’s also an adventure book through and through giving readers something a little bit different.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?


As if Zdarsky doesn’t write enough Spider-Man, he opens this book with Spidey hanging with Johnny and Thing before their big trip. A big trip where you might ask? To another dimension! This opening gives the book a lightness that almost normalizes what they’re about to do and allows Spidey a joke or two too. From there the book goes into full adventure mode via a cool looking gizmo and some multiverse jumping. Zdarsky surprises you with cameos and action, the eventual coming together of FF family, and a huge twist on a classic Marvel tale. If you dig elseworld stories you’re going to love what Zdarsky does with the Fantastic Four’s biggest adventure. To make it even better the issue drops an additional twist that’s huge in a science-fictiony sort of way.

The art by Valerio Schiti and colors by Frank Martin are very clean and utilize Schiti’s textured look very well. A simple sky has depth due to the textures of the non-cloudy areas, for instance, or the infinite galaxies that spread across the page while they jump through the multiverse add a sense of awe. Then there’s the alternate dimension version of fan favorite heroes who look spot on, but also just different enough to make you turn your head. It’s all very clean and easy on the eyes.

You stop picking on Spidey!

It can’t be perfect can it?

Maybe it’s a character thing I just don’t get, but the scientist aiding our heroes is rather annoying. She basically belittles Spider-Man in the opening and then seems totally uninterested in Thing and Human Torch’s goals. I’m sure she’ll pull some double cross, but shouldn’t our heroes be a little more concerned about her behavior? It seems like an oversight given how thick Zdarsky is laying down her attitude.

While I love Spider-Man I have to say the opening scene slows things down. It’s only three pages, but it forces the book to really get going until midway through.

Is It Good?

This issue drops some amazing twists and turns on readers in a way that’ll delight. This is how sci-fi adventure books should be done.

Marvel Two-In-One #4
Is it good?
A slow start, but boy does it pick up!
Solid art that's clean and excellent at capturing the awe of adventure
The elseworlds versions of characters are fun
Not one, but two big shocker twists at the end
A slower start with Spidey on the roof

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