Criminals!  Beware the tweeting of Squirrel Girl and the totally unrelated civilian Nancy!  

I adore the opening page to Squirrel Girl and look forward to her tweetstorms with her friends in the Marvel Universe. Erica Henderson and Ryan North have done such an excellent job of humanizing every hero that appears in their comic, as if Doreen’s own bubbliness just exudes out to be absorbed by all around her.  Even Loki, God of Mischief, becomes a lovable, genderfluid Sorcerer Supreme when near the nutty hero.

When we last left Squirrel Girl, she, Nancy, and the Silver Surfer were about to be obliterated by missles fired from dozens of formerly warring species who were united in their hatred for the Surfer who, they believed, bamboozled and swindled them.  Well, as we all know, that was really some totally heinous other surfer dudes. Revealing that to the collected assembly of peeved aliens simply got them a-feudin’ again amongst each other, not solving anyone’s problems.

Meanwhile, Tippy Toe and Nancy figure out that the collective have a piece of the Power Cosmic hanging around in their flagship, allowing them to target the Surfer.  With this bit’o Cosmicy goodness, they can confront the faux bros and solve that issue toot suite. Squirrel Girl, on the other hand, has to work with all the aliens to work out who is mad at who and how they can all forgive and forget indiscretions of the past.  Doreen’s work, of course, is the most noble, but seeing Silver Squirrel and Silver Nancy confront the bros is epic. I for one welcome the future Silver Nancy, Herald of Doreen.

I know it’s all super silly.  Everyone knows that. Squirrel Girl is and always has been exactly the right amount of silly mixed with true goodness that everyone can get behind.  She knows when she’s made mistakes and works as hard as she can to correct them. The people around her love her and trust her and she returns it ten-fold.  The only disappointing thing in this comic is finding out that Erica Henderson will be leaving Squirrel Girl in the near future.  Though her art style is not your average superhero fare, her style has given Doreen, Nancy, Tippy-Toe and the rest a unique look, softer and more welcoming than most.  While it appears North will be remaining on board, Henderson’s pencils will be greatly missed.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #30
Is it good?
Squirrel Girl is and always has been exactly the right amount of silly mixed with true goodness that everyone can get behind.
Silver Squirrel!
Bros get their comeuppance
Squirrel Girl makes everyone want to be better beings
Erica Henderson is leaving!

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