Human druids are coming!

Humans of Kul’Tiras have been rumored to be an Alliance allied race in Battle For Azeroth, and today a new clue surfaced to reinforce it: bear form skins for Kul’Tiran humans! Thanks to Wowhead, we have our first look at what Kul’Tiran druids would look like in their tank form:

It may seem bizarre that humans — even if they aren’t the traditional Stormwind humans we’re used to — could be druids in the Warcraft universe, but lore for “harvest-witches” have actually existed since Cataclysm. The kingdoms of Kul’Tiras and Gilneas are closely linked, and though Worgen druids learned their ways from the Night Elves who rescued them, there are some Gilneans — and, presumably, Kul’Tirans — who practiced a crude form of druidism before those events.

Kul’Tiran humans are — ahem — thicker than their Stormwind counterparts, and would provide a good counterbalance to Mag’har orcs, which will presumably become an allied race as a member of the Horde.