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Drake and Ninja break Twitch records with a Fortnite battle royale

Drake and Ninja team up with Fortnite to destroy the old Twitch streaming record. Is PUBG officially 2nd place?

While the PUBG vs. Fortnite battle rages on, including with the staff at AiPT, I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to sheer popularity, Fortnite just pulled way ahead.

Last night, Drake (yes, that Drake) joined up with popular streamer Ninja for a squad livestream.

Dr. DisRespect held the previous non-tournament Twitch record with 388,000 viewers when he returned from his sabbatical to stream PUBG, but Wheelchair Jimmy blew him out of the water, with a final tally of 635,000 viewers on the stream. You can watch it here:

I’m very much in the pro Fortnite crowd, and with it starting to show up across popular culture from Rugby teams celebrating, to Raiders quarterback Derek Carr asking his twitter followers to weigh in, it seems to be overtaking all the other battle royale games in the spotlight.

Can PUBG catch up and reclaim the top spot? Is its price a significant barrier to entry vs. Fortnite’s free to play model? Is the dark and gritty feel less “fun” than the goofy emote laden competition now? Are you any good at Fortnite and want to squad up with some AiPT players? Let us know your thoughts, or your gamertags, below.



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