The Witcher joins SoulCalibur VI, to show these punks how sword fighting is really done.

Everyone’s favorite mutant monster hunter is officially joining the ranks of the SoulCalibur fighters!

Both swords, signs, potions, Kaer Morhen stage, the Witcher theme, and that voice of disdain and annoyance at having to fight these weird monsters? I am SO GODDAMN IN. All I need now is the Grandmaster Bear School armor, and Geralt hitting on the female fighters to make it feel complete.

This seems like such a lay up of a roster addition. Geralt is the most accomplished swordsman the Witchers have ever produced, and his lore includes portals to other worlds as a pretty common occurrence for him. I can see myself dedicating hours to learning this playstyle, and then getting my face handed to me 10 seconds after I try to play competitively online.

This elevated SoulCalibur from “Oh hey, that’s neat,” to instant day one purchase for me, because The Witcher makes everything better.