Overwatchs newest hero hits the live servers on March 20.

Blizzard just announced that Overwatch‘s newest hero, Brigitte, will be going live on March 20th across all platforms.

Blizzard had the following to say in their announcement via the official Overwatch Twitter account: “It takes a village to raise (and create) a hero! Discover how lead character artist Ben Zhang and the team brought Overwatch’s latest support to life. Brigitte joins the fight: 3.20.18”

There’s also a video in which lead character artist Ben Zhang takes us through Brigitte’s journey from a single concept sketch, to a comic character, an animated short star and finally Overwatch‘s newest support hero. Zhang tells us that Brigitte’s role in the game as a tanking healer inspired the final concept design that was used to cement her look for the rest of the design team.

Brigitte first became available to PC players on February 28th, via the Overwatch PTR. Unfortunately for console players, there was no availability to access the PTR at this time, though Blizzard has hinted it may become available in the future.

Expect to learn more about Brigitte’s history and involvement with the Overwatch organization in an upcoming Q&A blog with Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu. Until that time you’ll just have to get by with playing her endlessly until you’ve perfected your whip shot.