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The Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1 Review

Full Moon’s iconic characters The Gingerdead Man and Eebee the Evil Bong face off!

Brockton McKinney
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Despite my strong opinion of myself being a film snob, I dig Full Moon Features in all their glory. I have strong opinions on film which are sometimes unpopular in my circle of friends…and then I sit down with the cheesy goodness of a Full Moon film that has the same circle raising their eyebrows up at me. It’s all good! We love what we love and there’s no reason to justify it to masses. The Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1 hits shops today and it features two iconic Full Moon characters in the same comic book for the first time ever.

In case you aren’t familiar with Gingerdead Man or Eebee the Evil Bong, allow me to give you a crash course: Gingerdead Man is a mix of gingerbread spice and the ashes of a deceased serial killer named Millard Findlemeyer, who terrorized a family run bakery shop.

Eebee is a bong that was brought to life by a voodoo doctor in New Orleans. He empowered a bong with vast magical energies, giving it life with a curse. Eebee could only continue to live by consuming souls. Got it? Good!

You don’t want to step in this!

The Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1 starts out with a stoner walking into a shop looking to restock his supply. Upon entering, he steps into a pile of s--t. Little does the stoner know, the pile of s--t is the remains of the Gingerdead Man. Right off this can be a bit confusing if you haven’t read Gingerdead Man: Baking Bad. But it’s free to read on Comixology if you have their subscription. The story will bring you up to date with the current happenings in this comic.

The stoner isn’t looking for plain ole weed. He wants the good stuff! He wants Confection, an edible that is a powerful hallucinogenic, causing mind control. But the Gingerdead Man needs the Confection to make himself whole again. Before the pile of s--t can do anything, the stoner downs the gingerbread man edible. So what is a pile of s--t to do? Why, jump down the guy’s throat only to bust out of the stoner’s stomach Alien style with a smartass quip!

Just like being back on LV-426 all over again.

Now that he is whole again, the Gingerdead Man wrecks havoc on the shop and its customers. But Lana, the lovely lady running the shop, has a secret weapon behind the counter. She produces Eebee, the Evil Bong! Eebee banishes the Gingerdead Man to Bong World where he now faces new dangers.

Brockton McKinney’s demented humor is full on display with this first issue. He does a great job transitioning the characters from film to comics. I am here to tell you that no one can script a man getting stabbed in his junk with a broken bong quite like McKinney. Despite not being completely filled in on what happened in Baking Bad, he does a great job easing new readers into this story.

Sergio Rios is the artist for this tasty book and he does the characters justice. Once again the transition from film to comics is seamless. I’ve never seen a pile of s--t drawn so well (nor did I ever think I would type that in a review). The Gingerdead Man looks menacing as he cuts up and stalks his prey. Eebee is Eebee with all of her blue glory. Rosa “Rosakaz” Rantila’s colors are fantastic, most notably the colors in Bong World where Gingerdead fights the Sweetbabies and High Skittle Ponies. What? Yeah, you gotta read it to see!

Stevie Nicks would not approve.

If you dig Full Moon flicks and these characters, you are going to dig this book as much as I did. My only complaint is it would have been nice to have had a flashback page or two from Baking Bad explaining how Gingerdead Man became a pile of s--t.

The Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong is a fun book to just check your brain in at the door and enjoy. Maybe even get the munchies?

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The Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1
Is it good?
If you love Full Moon Features and their stable of unique and obscene characters, then you are going to love this!
Two of Full Moon's popular characters face off!
Brockton McKinney's humor is full on display and gets down and dirty
Sergio Rios and Rosa Rantila's artwork gels together to capture the essence of the Full Moon vibe
Unless you have read Baking Bad, the beginning can be confusing for a new reader, but not a story breaker.

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