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Thanos #17 Review

Cates continues his completely awesome metal adventure with the Mad Titan! You should join him!

Price: $7.95

God damn, is Thanos by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw a gem. Ever since this team took over from Jeff Lemire at Legacy, they’ve been working wonders, and this issue is no exception. DC’s Metal is aspiring to be crazy and over the top, but Cates beats it at its own game with all of his books, especially in Thanos. This series brings in great cosmic aspects such as the cosmic Ghost Rider of Frank Castle and Thanos killing everybody. And they didn’t even have to title it “Thanos Kills the Marvel Universe!”

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

THE SURFER STRIKES! Thanos and his future self take on the most powerful opposition to his reign left in the universe – Norrin Radd. Can even two Thanoses crack his Cosmic Shell?

Tell me about it!

Cates is the rising writer at Marvel currently and the fun and enthusiasm he puts into every book he does just shows completely. Taking a tried and true character like Silver Surfer and giving him the power of Mjolnir was a great idea to present a threat to the extremely powerful team of not one but two Thanoses, a Ghost Rider imbued with the power cosmic and an old Hulk. The cunning of Thanos in this issue is great with how he defeats the Surfer, which I shall not spoil since it is really good!

As always Cates is helped out even more by his frequent collaborator Geoff Shaw, who draws the most beautiful scenes to go with Cates’ scripts. His art was amazing on God Country and it’s phenomenal here.

Thanos is a book that needs to be experienced. I didn’t buy the hype until I read it but the art and the writing hooked me in. Go out and get every issue of their run starting at issue #13. Unfortunately, the run will end with #18 and the annual for Marvel’s Fresh Start; however, Cates has many other books and each of them are of great quality. What I’m saying here is basically pick up a Donny Cates book — you won’t regret it.

As always Cates and Shaw are a must read. If you see the name Donny Cates on the cover of a comic, then you know it’s going to be good. And Thanos #17 is no exception to that rule.

Thanos #17
Is it good?
Donny Cates swings for the fences with Thanos this week and hits it so far out of the park that it lands in a park three cities over with help from Geoff Shaw's amazing visuals.
Donny Cates rocks on with the writing again.
Geoff Shaw creates stunning visuals as usual.
This book just gets better and better.

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