Wolverine! And a Hulk! Surely, there MUST be some interaction between the two???

Wolverine’s back. And he’s been everywhere! In seven different books already, but no one’s ever seen him. He’s kind of like a sawed-off Bigfoot, that way.

SPEAKING OF MONSTERS, the penultimate edition of Marvel’s spine-tingling “Where’s Wolverine?” promotion, that saw the stubby Canadian in “post-credits scenes” in random books around the Marvel Universe, is finally here, in the back of Incredible Hulk # 714.

Amadeus Cho is back on Earth, and he’s acting like his old buddy, Bruce Banner. “World War Hulk 2” is imminent, and Logan is there to display his soothsaying prescience!

You don’t say! Well, that’ll save some people some money.

Check back next week for the final, MIND AND SOUL-SHATTERING installment of our painstaking Wolverine Watch, when Captain Canuck does something assuredly inconsequential in Invincible Iron Man #598.

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