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Hearthstone: Hearthside chat reveals two new cards, including Rogue legendary

Check out two more new cards from upcoming Hearthstone expansion The Witchwood, including a brand-new Rogue legendary.

Today’s Hearthside chat with Hearthstone Senior Designer Peter Whelan took a look at the development of upcoming expansion, “The Witchwood,” including the Echo keyword and the moniker attached to it during the preliminary planning stages.

According to Whelan, the term for Echo was previously “Ghostly”:

Echo wasn’t always Echo. It began life as the keyword “Ghostly”–these were cards that had to be played the turn they were drawn, or else they would disappear. The team quickly discovered that the most fun Ghostly cards put copies of themselves into your hand.

Whelan also discussed some new cards, including brand new Warrior Echo card, Warpath and 3-mana-cost Rogue legendary Face Collector:

“Everyone get outta here?” Could this card be the new staple aggro deterrent and slayer of Dude (AKA Silver Hand) and Murloc Paladins?

“A girl is not ready to become no one. But she is ready to summon a random legendary.” Arya Stark’s new favorite card.

More: Check out the official Week 1 and 2 release schedule and leaked card names for “The Witchwood.”


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