Hitman Episode 2 drops for free – along with an Exclusive Contract. You’ve got 10 days to kill the Guru – get in there!

For those of you who still haven’t picked up Agent 47’s latest entry, I’ve got good news for you – The Hitman Spring Pack is free until April 3rd on Xbox One and PS4.

This pack includes the Prelude mission and Episode 2: Sapienza, along with the following:

Take on the ‘World of Tomorrow’ campaign mission, complete 20 levels of location mastery to earn new gear, unlock more items from Challenge Packs and test your skills in Escalation Contracts – plus get access to Contracts Mode and future Elusive Targets in Sapienza.

As an added benefit, and a welcome to the new players, IO is also turning an Elusive Contract on for 10 days. This is your one chance to take out The Guru, but if you miss, he’s in the wind for good.

If you’re a fan of the Hitman games, the episodic nature really suits and enhances the challenge, and the Elusive Contracts make this good game even better. If you’ve got the time, you should absolutely check this out.