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AiPT! shows off their favorite nerd t-shirts

There are a lot of nerds out there and they’re passionate about a lot of different things – games, comics, TV shows, films – the list goes on and on. Though one thing the majority of us can agree on is that it’s important to have a good collection of t-shirts to show off your favorite passions. Thus the AiPT! team’s gang of nerds decided to show off their favorite nerd shirts to the rest of the nerd world.

Eric Cline: Manga Editor

The Bendis/Bachalo/Anka run of Uncanny X-Men is one of my favorites of all time, so when I saw this shirt with the first issue’s cover printed on it I bought it immediately. Bachalo’s work is awesome as always, and I love the “I want you…” Uncle Sam vibes that Scott is giving off here.

Russ Dobler: Science Editor

When I’m not the AiPT! Science Editor, I’m a metal guy, and strict union rules dictate I have to wear black band shirts whenever possible. When I DO get to talk to groups of people about AiPT! Science, I make an exception for this. It gets the point across.

Patrick Hellen: Gaming Editor

Classic brown costume Wolvie, jumping with claws out? Somewhere Cyclops’s yellow undies just got a little browner.

Brian Clements: Contributor

I adore clever subversions of sayings, professional wrestling, and adorable luchadores.

Jim Lehane: Contributor

When I was growing up I wasn’t into comics, nor did I really know anything about them. What I knew was the cartoons that were on at that time (the 80’s) and my favorite was Thundercats. Also, the shirt is comfy.

Tyler Sewell: Contributor

I found this at a booth at SDCC. The only way this Batman/Game of Thrones shirt could get better is if it had a BatChicken.

David Hildebrand: Toy Editor

I have had a very hard time finding an Aliens shirt that I liked. This one has an old school science fiction vibe to it. Add in the propaganda “Join the Xenomorphs” and there was no way I could say no. I like unique designs and this one spoke to me.

Trevor Richardson: Contributor

Animal Crossing has always been one of my favorite franchises and Brewster has always been my favorite character. I love taking a break from watering flowers and making deliveries for my animal neighbors to pop into The Roost and enjoying a cup of Brewster’s signature coffee. Also this shirt has never faded more than this no matter how often I wash it!

Alyssa Jackson: Contributor

The intersection of nerdy and feminist is my sweet spot 🙂 Karen Hallion is a fantastic artist, and I love having so many of my favorite ladies on one shirt.

Connor Christiansen: Contributor

My favorite comic book shirts are the subtle ones, ones that don’t look like a comic shirt on the surface. So with this shirt, if someone comes up and says “Yo I love that shirt!” I know they’re one of my peoples- a fellow nerd.

Madeleine Sisco: Contributor

I think the shirt speaks for itself.

JJ Travers: Cosplay Editor – Instagram

This is my oldest surviving super hero shirt and holds a lot of memories. For one who doesn’t love a good camo shirt? The hardcore kid in me from high school gives his silent internal nod and when you combine it with super heroes, it satisfies two important areas of my youth.

Chris Hassan: Editor-at-Large

I have no clue what those characters say (I’m going to assume “X-Men,” “Cyclops” or “ZAPT!!!”), but I sure as heck know who that character is–Cyclops: The greatest X-Man of all time. Is it any wonder random passersby high-five me whenever I rock this shirt?

Michael Rosch: Contributor

What I love most about the shirt is only a small subset of people get it. So, when someone compliments me on the shirt, I know they’re my kind of nerd. I’ve cut down on my Star Trek/Star Wars shirts because they’re too popular & ubiquitous. I don’t wear graphic tees that often, so, when I do, I prefer to create a potential icebreaker that filters out compliments from just casual geeks. And when I do go with something like a Star Trek shirt, I prefer a particularly clever one like my “Trust Data, Not Lore” shirt that also plays into my love of skepticism. I’m currently trying to find a good “What Would Picard Do?” Shirt because I genuinely think Captain Picard makes a great model for ethical behavior…at least TV Picard. Movie Picard could go a little off the rails sometimes.

Connor Willesden: Contributor

I picked this up on a trip at a store and loved it immediately. A Superman logo made up of smaller Superman logos? Coolest idea ever.


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