Free stuff! Free Diablo III stuff!

Has it really been four years already? It seems like it was just the other day that I watched the ridiculously cool cinematic with Malthael showing up to slaughter him some Horadrim, kick Tyrael’s ass and steal the black soul stone. I guess time flies when you’re running greater rifts til your eyes bleed.

To celebrate the four year anniversary of Reaper of Souls release, the Diablo subreddit has decided to treat their Reddit going fans to a giveaway! The announcement comes from the official /r/Diablo Twitter account.

There’s 20 bad-ass Reaper of Souls themed velcro patches up for grabs. It couldn’t be easier to enter the giveaway, simply post a top-level comment below with your favorite (or least favorite) change that has come to Diablo III. I should note that your reddit account must be at least one month old by the time of this posting (i.e. created before February 25, 2018) and you can only enter once.

Now I just have to decide where the patch will look better, my jean jacket or backpack.

[Giveaway] Four Year Anniversary of Reaper of Souls! from r/Diablo