Join us in the card reveal celebration for upcoming Hearthstone expansion, The Witchwood.

We’re feeling as giddy as kids on Christmas morning right now; that’s because it’s card reveal day for Hearthstone‘s upcoming expansion, The Witchwood and we’ll be following the action on the official Hearthstone channel to report back all the preliminary findings to those of you who are incapable due to real life obligations or your 9-5.

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Livestream host Dan “Frodan” Chou brings up comparisons to Tundra Rhino and old Patron Warrior core card, Warsong Commander.

Houndmaster Shaw will apply Rush to all minions, not just beasts.

Described as “a cross between Antique Healbot and Sludge Belcher in Wild.”

Loatheb in spell form.

Senior game designer Peter Whalen’s favorite card of the day.

Please tell us this doesn’t synergize with Naga Sea Witch.

Used to be Hagatha’s apprentice. Is now a frog. Hagatha doesn’t discriminate with her Hexes, apparently.