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A major Ozymandias reveal changes a defining moment from Watchmen in ‘Doomsday Clock’ #4

You may never look at Ozymandias the same way again.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

The beauty of Watchmen was how it twisted the knife at the last minute and left you pondering. If you haven’t read it, Ozymandias does the unthinkable and kills a huge portion of the New York population via an alien that releases a psychic shockwave. His intentions are to avoid a nuclear holocaust by convincing world governments they must join together to avoid a possible future invasion from space. It immediately works, but readers are still left to wonder if it will stick.

Based on the events in Doomsday Clock, Ozymandias’s plans didn’t work at all. In Doomsday Clock #4, writer Geoff Johns takes this a step further, revealing Ozymandias’s plan was found out and the world has someone to blame. That has left him in a low state of mind:

It’s strange to see such an egomaniac so down. Taking even further steps, Johns reveals this once self-proclaimed perfectionist is no longer the man he was:

What exactly he means by “light” remains unclear, but we do know he regrets his actions in Watchmen. That’s a rather big change for the character and for the storyline. The original series left us thinking about this act and wondering if it was the right thing, but now we have an answer straight from the character who did it how they feel. It’s a change we expect readers to have intense opinions about. Tell us in the comments how you feel about a newly changed Ozymandias.

You can read Doomsday Clock #4 right now digitally.


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