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‘Dark Nights: Metal’ changes Hawkman and ties him directly to the New Age of Heroes

Hawkman has a special connection to new heroes like Damage and Sideways.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Back in June, Scott Snyder told me before he ever thought up Dark Nights: Metal he wanted to write a Hawkman series. Who would have thought this event series would actually be the start of rebooting the character? Back in December Jeff Lemire got to take a shot at the character, although he’s a heck of a lot different in Metal:

Carter Page has succumbed to the Dark Multiverse! With a little hope, though, everything changes (Read Dark Nights: Metal #6 to find out how) for Hawkman.

It appears when Robert Venditti takes over the new Hawkman series in June it’ll be due to the effects of Dark Nights: Metal. The character is already rife with powers, but it appears he’ll be leaving a lasting impression on the DC Universe in the way of revealing who the “New Age of Heroes” characters are.

Way to be a narc, Hawkman!

You can read Dark Nights: Metal #6 digitally today.


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