Warrior’s first new Legendary card from Hearthstone’s The Witchwood revealed: Darius Crowley.

Much like fellow Legendary minion Lord Godfrey, Darius Crowley was once a Gilnean nobleman who dissented from King Genn Greymane after decisions made surrounding the Gilnean people being afflicted by the Worgen Curse. Unlike Godfrey, however, Crowley and Greymane eventually made amends and to this day he remains one of Greymane’s closest allies.

    Darius Crowley
    Class: Warrior
    Card type: Minion
    Rarity: Legendary
    Mana cost: 5
    Attack: 4 HP: 4
    Card text: Rush. Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, gain +2/+2.
    Revealed by: Gouzei (Chinese Streamer)

Will the fact Crowley can’t kill a Tar Creeper off the bat whereas Rare Warrior minion Militia Commander can effect how often it’s used in ranked play? Is Crowley not much more than an improved Boogeymonster?

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