That’s Venom, baby!

Sony’s upcoming Venom movie may be hitting theaters this fall, but there has been very little in the form of details — or even images of Venom himself. The teaser trailer didn’t feature Hardy in costume at all, leaving fans to speculate just what the symbiote is going to actually look like.

That may have all changed today in the unlikeliest of places: a bottle of Brisk Iced Tea. Brisk is one Sony’s sponsors to promote the movie, and an image purporting to be a leaked image of promotional materials in the form of bottles of Dark Cherry Limeade featuring the iconic character’s visage. The image is marked “FPO,” or “For Position Only,” meaning it is not a final image and elements of it are simply there to get a feel for how the final product might look. Take a look below:

It does look similar in tone to the artwork found in the official poster, with the addition of his trademark snarl.

Neither Sony nor Brisk has commented on the story.

Venom hits theaters October 5.