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My Recap Academia – Chapter 177

Midoriya and Gentle Criminal continue their bouncy brawl! Let’s discuss the newest chapter!

Missed the latest chapter of My Hero Academia? Need someone to geek out with about it? It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!

Welcome to the next installment of the My Hero Academia recap column! As each new chapter is released, I’ll be sharing my reactions, so be warned that there will be SPOILERS for the newest chapters of My Hero Academia as well as the series thus far.

Midoriya’s fight with Gentle Criminal continues and we really get to see Gentle’s Quirk in action! The chapter consists of the two of them brawling in a construction site, and we get a brief flashback of Hatsume talking about designing Midoriya’s gloves and how she can implement the same tech into his boots later, which I would love to see! Midoriya’s “sweep style” combined with Hatsume’s air concentration support items would give Midoriya even more of a nod to Gran Torino. I like the idea of his style being a blend of All Might and Gran Torino’s abilities, continuing the theme of One For All being passed down through generations.

Gentle explains to Midoriya that all he wants to do is infiltrate U.A. during the cultural festival and that he doesn’t mean mortal harm to anyone like the League of Villains would. I’m not totally sure if that means he literally just wants to make a video showing that he managed to sneak his way in, or if he has some other stunt in mind that he isn’t sharing. Either way, Midoriya is not having it since the second Gentle is noticed they’ll have to shut down the festival and go into lockdown after all the work Class 1-A has put into their performance.

I feel like there wasn’t a ton of really exciting stuff in this chapter, but I will give a special shout-out to the breakout star of the chapter, Random Old Man:

His recurring appearance as he watches Midoriya and Gentle fight, believing it to be a film shoot thanks to La Brava’s excuse, got a laugh out of me. His inclusion also leads to this great moment where Midoriya has to hold on to a girder Gentle loosened to keep it from falling on the simple old man’s head.

I love this #Hero moment for Midoriya, and his refusal to let the girder’s strain on his body keep him down reminds me of the moment near the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming where Peter lifts himself out of the rubble. Both moments remind the reader/viewer that these aren’t seasoned supermen who toss cars around like pillows, but kids doing their best and appearing all the more heroic for it.

Also, this moment was when Gentle’s Quirk really clicked for me:

I can always rely on Horikoshi to utilize his characters’ Quirks in creative ways that make even the more mundane Quirks come off as interesting or useful. Seeing how Gentle can reshape the environment to his advantage was really cool and made the character feel all the more impressive. I can’t wait to see what La Brava’s Quirk ends up being next week!

That’s all for this chapter! Want to read more of our thoughts on My Hero Academia? Check out our latest review of the collected volumes and last week’s recap column. ‘Til next time, keep it Plus Ultra!


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