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PAX East 2018 – Best Cosplay of Day 2

It’s PAX East Cosplay Day 2, with happy little trees, and happy little Mei’s

AiPT is back on day 2 at PAX East for all the gaming cosplay goodness.

If we missed grabbing your social media details, drop us a note and we’ll make sure it gets included.

Friday was an amazing day, with a special appearance of yours truly!

FB: philip-john

Need to lose those last stubborn few pounds? Wear a great Chewbacca costume to a convention!


Usually when I see Mei, I feel rage, as she freezes me and ruins my streak. This Mei was the sweetest human alive, who made everything herself, including her popcorn can/freeze tank.


Remember that Chewie from the beginning of this post? Well, the no-disintegration rule was for Solo, not the walking carpet. R.I.P.


One of the official Overwatch cosplays at PAX, but holy cats that’s the spottest of ons.

The best part of meeting Solaire, is that he had the audacity to not immediately praise the sun. Me: “PRAISE IT BRO.”

Him: *Praising intensifies*

Me: “Now we’re talking!”


Ok, I’ve changed my mind. The D.VA from yesterday was great and all, but this guy was feeling it.


Still blown away by that Brigitte. Do you think a bunch of other cosplayers were going to go as her and rage quit when she instalocked it?

FB: SpectraCosApparel

“Hey! Listen! This is a badass home-made Link costume!”

Runner up for best Costume of the day – this guy SOLD it as Disguised LadyLink, and his veil was so well placed I couldnt decipher his social handle. Ping us and let us know!

FB: tictoxtwitch

Wow. This guy easily wins day 2. Not only was he an amazing Bob Ross, with an easel strapped to his back so people could draw on him, but he was live streaming both his interactions and the easel to Twitch the entire time! Here’s where I approach him to get his picture, and he plugs the site! Thanks Bob!

That’s a wrap on Day 2. Find me on Day 3 and maybe you can make it into the mix!




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