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PAX East 2018 – Best Cosplay of Day 3

Day 3 of AiPT’s PAX East cosplay brings the Skull Kids, Cobra La, and the tiniest D.Va

AiPT returns to PAX East on day three, for for all the gaming cosplay goodness I can photograph.

If we missed grabbing your social media details, drop us a note and we’ll make sure it gets included.

El Generico

When asked for his name and social media, El Generico stayed in character, and in Spanish.


My first Skull Kid of the day just before she transformed me into a Deku.


This D.Va has over 400 hours maining her in game, and drove 10 hours from Ohio to hit up her first PAX East. That’s dedication, Holmes.

@mccarthymikayla, @jemdoge

My 2nd Skull Kid of the day, and as this was Dawn of the 3rd Day, Link better hurry up before this moon destroys PAX


Aloy is a very popular cosplay this year, and this tiny assassin blew me away with her attention to detail.

Nose? Purple. Power stance? Check. Wah Ha ha ha? You know it.

I’m 100% on board with full family cosplays, but by god that D.Va takes the cake as the cutest damn cosplayer of the entire weekend


If you look closely you can see your fearless gaming editor in his AiPT shirt snapping a picture of the lost son of Cobra La


If I was a super soldier in the future, there’s no better Cortana to jump into Covenant hell with.

@xeaix @notsoformalgirl

Cuphead and Mug-Gal cosplay? I’ll bet on that!


*gravelly voice* It’sa me, Mario. Now come with me if you want to live, Princess.


It’s been a few years since I’ve played VII, but once you’ve unlocked her, you always recognize Yuffie.


The Champions ballad, in real life!


Ramona Flowers don’t need no Scott Pilgrim to dominate the show floor


This one gave me PTSD flashbacks to my many viewings of Joel getting his face eaten by Clickers just like her.


Oddly enough she showed very little emotion when I asked her to be included in our site…



I finally found a Ciri! There was quite a few contenders for best costume on day 3, but you never bet against the Lion cub of Cintra, so my vote is with the Lady of Space and Time.



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