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A ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ Batman villain gives some advice in ‘The Immortal Men’ #1

The character also gives weight to the incredible characters in The Immortal Men too.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

If you’ve been following Dark Nights: Metal you’re well aware the Batman Who Laughs is one of the scariest villains to ever pop out of DC Comics. Not only is his design freakish, but his plans are frightening too, and he’s sure to pop up again. I was surprised to discover that he appeared in The Immortal Men #1 so soon after Metal wrapped up. The character simply showing up adds weight to the origin of these new heroes, but it’s what he said that will interest you the most:

His words give weight to how well hidden The Immortal Men are as even he couldn’t find them. It’s in his advice, however, that adds a lot of weight to the stakes in play when it comes to the villains in this new series:

Whether or not Batman Who Laughs shows up again it’s safe to say he’s directly involved in the acts of the villains in The Immortal Men. The bastard!

You can purchase The Immortal Men #1 in stores today.


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