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Wonder Woman #44 Review

Robinson’s Wonder Woman continues to be an awful book.

James Robinson
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Wonder Woman in the Rebirth era started off really well, then shifted to mediocre with the first creative change before becoming garbage. This issue doesn’t improve that feeling I have towards this run. It just seems to want to push the male characters way above the female characters. However, the artwork on the issue is really nice! That’s pretty much the only upside to this.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“AMAZONS ATTACKED” part four! When last they met, Wonder Woman was robbed of a chance to meet Darkseid in single combat–and she’s certain she’d be able to take him down. At last, she’s going to get her wish–but with Darkseid at full power, is she still sure she’ll survive?

This image just sums up Robinsons treatment of Diana.

Tell me about it!

This whole storyline of Darkseid and Grail is just awful. The name of this arc is awful. The fact that Darkseid is fighting hand to hand with anyone is awful. Now it may seem like I’m being very negative — well, that’s because I am. This book sucks.

Darkseid is a character who’s meant to strike fear and beat his enemies without ever having to fight himself which makes this whole thing of him brawling with Diana be completely stupid and utterly worthless. Grail continues to be a nothing character whose only saving grace is that she looks kinda cool and Jason is just the blandest character who only serves to be “cool,” Wonder Woman’s brother and solve all her problems.

F--k this story, f--k this book and f--k the fact that this is a thing. The ending of turning Amazons into parademons is just an awful idea that continues to hammer home how crappy this overall series has been since Rucka left. I really really hope for a creative team change soon because it really needs a creator who can give the character the justice she deserves instead of being reduced to a side character in her own book. Nothing even noteworthy happens in this issue until the end; it’s just a punch up that is not needed and is only there to claim that there are stakes.

Thankfully the art looks great as that’s one of the only saving graces of this book as well as the stunningly beautiful variant covers by Jenny Frison.

Wonder Woman #44
Is it good?
The artwork of this issue and the variant cover by Frisson are the only saving graces of this issue. Robinson's writing is absolutely trash.
The artwork by Emanuela Lupacchino is really well put together.
Frisson's variant cover is marvelous.
Robinson's writing continues to be completely awful and makes me hate that this title is wasted on such crap storytelling after Rucka's great run.

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