The DC Universe Encounters All New Dangers and Threats on the Other Side of the Source Wall

Who says Friday the 13th is all bad luck? Start your weekend with a bang, courtesy of DC with this free preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE!

At the end of Dark Nights: Metal, the unthinkable happened: The Source Wall, the absolute limit of the known DC Universe was not just breached, but completely broken, leaving the DCU transformed and exposed to terrifying new threats that only they can face, but in the way you might think. New teams and unexpected alliances will be the key to the superhero teams of Earth facing down this new danger.

This four-issue miniseries explodes out of the conclusion to DARK NIGHTS: METAL and is brought to you by co-writers Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson, with art by Francis Manapul, Marcus To and Riley Rossmo. The debut issue hit comic book retailers and digital stores on May 9.

Check out the action here!