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El Paso Comic Con Day 1: Some of AiPT!’s Favorite Costumes and Displays

The first full day of El Paso Comic Con has begun and fan’s creativity is on full display.

The first full day of El Paso Comic Con has begun and fan’s creativity are on full display.  AiPT! is onsite this weekend and you know what that means: cosplay! Lots and lots of cosplay. We took tons and tons of photographs and unfortunately we don’t have the time or space to feature them all. Enjoy our photos and some neat vendors we found as well.

(If you’re in any of the following images and want to add your contact/social media information, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to add accordingly.)

I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m very impressed by it.

Death by cuteness overload.

No-Face was eating patrons with wild abandonment. I barely made it out alive.

Snake? SNAKE?!

Look at me, I look like a butterfly.

Who indeed sir. Who indeed.

I miss Adam West 🙁

The Ewoks are evolving. They’re learning. We’re doomed.

I prefer this cute Ewok.

How many cyclops jokes can he make in under ten seconds?

You’re the only reason I want an Xbox One.

Don’t hassle the hoff baby.

The Force is strong with this group.


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