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Marina Sirtis passionately champions #MeToo and Young Spock confirmed for ‘Discovery’ Season Two

Marina Sirtis passionately championed the #MeToo movement at El Paso Comic Con.

The arguable highlight of this weekend’s El Paso Comic Con was a panel featuring Brent Spiner (Data), Jonathan Frakes (William Riker), and Marina Sirtis (Counsellor Troi) from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Even on a show filled with fan favorite characters, Data, Riker, and Troi managed to stand out. The three lived up to all expectations in a fun and newsworthy panel.

Frakes shared some information about an episode of Star Trek: Discovery he will be directing for Season 2. A young Spock will be appearing in a flashback in the second episode of the season. The episode will also feature Anson Mount playing Christopher Pike. (Pike is the second captain of the Enterprise.)

It was the candid Sirtis that stole the show, however. The three had jokingly spoke about people deserving second chances early in the panel. Later, she told the audience there were men who seriously did not deserve a second chance.  Sirtis openly discussed being a young actress having to deal with men in power in Hollywood who tried to “take away the dream” she had since she was three years old. Sirtis talked about how proud she was to see young actresses today speak out against men who harasses them and told the audience that the #metoo movement should not be limited to just Hollywood. She told the woman in the crowd that they should never be silent and should speak up until all industries were cleaned up.

In today’s cynical world, it can be hard to support causes that are endorsed by celebrities. Sirtis spoke with a sincerity that moved the entire room. This was not just some star trying for a positive headline but a woman who was saying what she feels. Sirtis gave a refreshing and impassioned plea that was heartfelt and welcome.

(Sirtis also said she will be in a movie this summer that is part of a franchise but she is unable to talk about.)

Spiner was a charming addition to the panel. He told hilarious stories and had a quick rebuttal for anything that was said. Spiner spoke of his music, why he started acting ,and of course memories of TNG. It also came as no surprise when the panel was asked who their favorite character in the Star Trek universe, Sirtis and Frakes quickly said Data.

The Star Trek panel during the El Paso Comic Con was funny, entertaining, noteworthy, and surprisingly emotional. Frakes details about Star Trek: Discovery were very interesting, while Sirits’s speech about the #metoo movement was a moving surprise.




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