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Brian Michael Bendis rewrites Superman history in Action Comics #1000

Everything you thought you knew about Superman’s origin may have just changed.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Brian Michael Bendis joining forces with DC Comics was the biggest creator news in years. The guy has done so much and pushed the needle so far at Marvel Comics, seeing him leave the House of Ideas came as a shock. Then we found out he’d be writing Superman and critics like myself started wondering how he’d tinker with the Man of Steel. In the 12 issue story in Action Comics #1000, Bendis and Jim Lee introduce a new powerhouse villain who Superman appears to be having trouble fighting.

It doesn’t take long to see Superman may be in big trouble. It’s not until the last two pages we find out why he’s beating Superman to death.

Whoa, so we have ourselves an alien who wants to kill all Kryptonians and this guy communicated with Superman’s father? Just wait, it gets even more head spinning as this villain says:

Wait a minute, he destroyed Krypton?! Up until now, DC Comics canon has stated Krypton exploded due to highly unstable geological conditions. It’s even been explained as a way to connect to global warming, as the people of Krypton refused to believe something could ever happen to their planet only to suffer the ultimate worst-case scenario. This changes everything!

You can buy Action Comics #1000 in digitally today.


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