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Infinity Countdown #2 Review

Honestly, what’s the worst thing that could happen in the Marvel Universe?  Thanos? Please. Old news. How about one of the Eternals turning tiny bits of Groot into giant, sentient trees bent on destruction?  So last issue. How about an Ultron/Hank Pym hybrid getting his hands on one or more Infinity Stones plus the power that comes with luring in and torturing certain cosmically powerful individuals?  Yeah, that’s going to be a problem.

Continuing the events from Infinity Countdown #1, issue #2 begins with the aforementioned Groot, now loquacious as any of the Guardians, battling Scar, a giant, evil tree being made from Groot’s own clippings by the then-poisoned Gardener.  As the Guardians have some really pressing items to deal with elsewhere, Groot makes quick – and floral – work of the beast. Drax, meanwhile, is dealing with the enormous Power Stone being assaulted by both the Fraternity of the Talon and the Chitauri while his partner, Nova Corps Commander Eve Bakian goes into labor.  It’s a busy day.

The battle over the Power Stone is an interesting way to kick off the newly joined fight for the Infinity Stones, as it seems to be the least portable of the stones at this point.  Even Ant-Man, newly arrived with the Guardians of the Galaxy, can’t shrink it to a reasonable size. Of course, the fighting is interspersed with mysterious revelations, grand boasting by the Chitauri, and the arrival of Bakian’s baby girl.  Gamora gets a nice moment here, telling Bakian about her own past and warning her not to allow her daughter to be captured. It is a very dark view into Gamora’s own past with the Mad Titan, Thanos. In addition to the new family beginning, and old one is reunited when Falconar is revealed to be Nova’s long-lost, and assumed dead, brother, Robbie.  The drama is so thick you could cut it with that giant axe the Chitauri guy is carrying.

Meanwhile, back at a pyramid on Earth for reasons, Adam Warlock spends a moment ruminating of the coming heat death of the universe that will be caused by a war over the Infinity Stones.  If he confronts his evil doppleganger, Magus, perhaps he can prevent the inevitable. The whole soap opera plot gets a bit complicated here, with Warlock planning on trading the Time Stone to Kang in exchange for the Soul Stone, currently held, he believes, by Magus.  It is on planet Saiph that Adam Warlock discovers the worst: that Ultron has taken over the entire planet, infecting it and turning everyone into Ultron Zombies, a phrase I never before knew I needed. The big reveal on the final page is well worth the intrigue surrounding the future of the new Infinity Wars to come.  

Infinity Countdown #2
Is it good?
The big reveal on the final page is well worth the intrigue surrounding the future of the new Infinity Wars to come.  
This has the most bananas battle scene and it's not the one with the giant tree dying of flowers
Reintroducing Adam Warlock as a major player in what's to come
Groot's kind of a loud mouth now, isn't he?

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