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Superman #45 Review

The Kents pack up for Metropolis.

Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
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All good things must come to an end, including Peter J. Tomasi’s Superman, as he will be leaving this excellent series to make room for Brian Michael Bendis. He’ll get a shot at writing Superman again in just one month, but it’s sad to think about he’s done ending here. That’s probably why this entire issue is about change and why it’s good.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“BOYZARRO RE-DEATH” finale! The challenge of the Bizarroverse continues as the Super Foes battle the Legion of Fun! As Superman and Son return to Hamilton for a quick recharge, they learn what the little town truly meant to them–and what they meant to the locals of the town.

Why does this matter?

The change in the story is all about the Kents moving to Metropolis for good. That means packing up their Hamilton County home and shoving off. This is a big moment for Jon — he’s always lived in Hamilton, but it’s also a symbolic moment as the family is changing direction soon with a new writer at the helm.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Great composition on this page.

There are a few little lessons given by Clark Kent, be it his own lesson to Jon or those he learned from his pay. Tomasi and Gleason write this issue and it’s quite wholesome. Since they brought this Superman family dynamic to DC Comics they’ve never let up on the love of family and the great dynamic between each of the characters. You get that right off the bat as Lois is the one calling the shots and getting things done before the movers come. Superman is more relaxed and seems to be more concerned with Jon than moving anything while Jon has a bit of anxiety about it all. The characters are written in a believable way and it’s easy to forget two of the three have superpowers.

Surprisingly the issue lacks a major confrontation and instead focuses on Superman and Jon spending a few quality minutes together. It’s nice to see the writers check in on the Bizarro characters, especially after the last arc, which makes this issue read like an epilogue to that story.

Gleason continues to do fantastic work with the art. The way he draws the eyes on these characters adds to the wholesome and sometimes endearing story beats. The colors by Stephen Downer help sell that too.

I love the determination in Lois.

It can’t be perfect can it?

About 10 pages into this issue I started to wonder when a villain would pop up, but none ever did. That certainly reduces the superhero stuff going on, but that’s not what this issue is about. Still, the first 12 or so pages are a bit too slow. Things pick up after a touching moment Lois has on her own.

Is it good?

This is a great issue and one of the best send-offs I’ve ever seen from a creative duo. This series has been about family, and the incredibly endearing nature of the family at that, for so long it’ll be strange if Brian Michael Bendis doesn’t carry it forward.

Superman #45
Is it good?
This is a great issue and one of the best send-offs I've ever seen from a creative duo.
A sweet goodbye to Hamilton with a strong message about change being good
A nice check in with the Bizarro characters!
Excellent art and colors
This issue lacks a conflict, though it's not that kind of comic

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