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Avengers: Infinity War

Round 2 of Infinity Warfare: Who is the mightiest Avenger of all?

Round Two of our single-elimination tournament to see which of Marvel’s mighty Avengers would come out on top in an all out brawl.

We’re only 3 days away from the release of Avengers: Infinity War and to celebrate, we’ve put together a tournament bracket to determine: “Who is the mightiest Avenger of all?”

The results are in from Round 1 of AiPT!’s Infinity Warfare tournament. Some surprises from the first round of action included:

Black Widow narrowly defeating Iron Fist, 54.7 to 45.3%.

Deadpool overstepping Quicksilver, 56.8 to 43.2%.

She-Hulk clobbe-er, thrashing the Thing, 62.1 to 37.9%.

We’ve separated the combatants by specialties (with Captain America heading up the “Skilled Combatants” division; Hulk at the top of the “Powerhouse” division; Iron Man as the #1 seed for the “Science as a Weapon” division; and Thor leading the “Magic and Energy Manipulators” section) and paired them off at random. Who will come out on top? Cast your vote now!

Infinity Warfare Round 2, Cast your votes now!


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