Our single elimination tournament reaches the sweet 16.

The competition is starting to heat up in our Infinity Warfare bracket, as we attempt to determine the mightiest Avenger of all. Round 2 got a great response, and thanks to everyone who participated we are now able to present our sweet 16 bracket.

Some truly heavyweight matchups are happening in round 3, including Daredevil vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Luke Cage, and Iron Man vs. Spider-Man. However, round 2 was no stranger to close matchups as well:

Moon Knight narrowly defeated Bucky Barnes, with 53.7% of the vote

Luke Cage eliminated his own wife, Jessica Jones, with 66.7% of the vote

Rogue eked out a win against Hyperion, with 56.1% of the vote

But that was yesterday. Round 3 is upon us: Who ya got? Cast your vote now!