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Wally West has a Wolverine moment that could change the DCU in The Flash #45

Everything is on the table from Rebirth to the New 52.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Read our review for more details on this issue.

Joshua Williamson has been slowly building towards “Flash War” and yet it’s unclear what the war will be about. Todays Flash #45 may shed some light on that just as Wally West gets a brand new set of memories. At the end of the issue, after Iris seemingly remembers who Wally West is, something is triggered.

What exactly do you remember Wally? Well, via a montaged full-page splash Christian Duce draws it out for us literally:

Not only do we see the original New Teen Titans line up (complete with Cyborg), but also Linda and Wally getting married pre-New 52. It’s also reminiscent of a particularly huge moment for Wolverine at the end of House of M.

What does this mean for the multiverse? Is “Flash War” setting up a battle for the Flash characters due to the mix up of timestreams? Will DC Comics revert back to pre New 52 storylines? So many questions!

Read Flash #45 digitally today.


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