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See the first cards for Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk, right here

Two characters you’d expect, but not on the same side.

The next big box expansion for Upper Deck’s Marvel Legendary deck-building game, due to release in June, is coming in hotter than a Green Scar dreadnought. Ahead of the first official preview for the set, two card images have been posted to the BoardGameGeek forum.

We already know that this expansion will focus on the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk stories written by Greg Pak, and you can’t have a Warbound team without Caiera the Oldstrong.

Check out the new team icon! And YES, a “Smash” keyword! What could it do? Adding Attack points is a good bet (especially with that plus sign at the bottom), but surely it can’t just be that simple. Maybe something to do with the number of Wounds you have?

And now, the reveal you’ve been waiting for —

Maybe you’re sick of a bunch of Iron Man Heroes, but I doubt many players will turn their noses up at a HULKBUSTER! Especially one that busts so much!

But now we have a question. These cards clearly represent characters from both sides of the World War Hulk conflict. Will we finally be able to play each opposing force, as we were originally promised for the Civil War big box, two years ago? Upper Deck has announced this will (appropriately) be the biggest Marvel Legendary expansion ever, but it’s been assumed by many that will be due to a new “Transform” card type.

Maybe not? Maybe both?

UDPATE: Upper Deck representative William Sobel went on to confirm today that the She-Hulk Hero set in World War Hulk would have 19 cards, rather than the usual 14. A Hero has two groups of five “common” cards (plus three uncommons and one unique), indicating perhaps that one of those commons can “Transform” into something else. The possibility also exists that these are ALTERNATE commons, that can be mixed into the Hero Deck at the beginning of the game. This concept was first introduced in the standalone Big Trouble in Little China Legendary game, but has not yet been seen in Marvel Legendary.


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