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Batman #46 review: more misadventures in time travel with Booster Gold (and Catwoman too)

Booster Gold couldn’t get Batman on his side last issue. So now he’s doing what any ‘logical’ person would do… breaking Catwoman out of prison. Wait, what?!

Tom King
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Tom King is a jerk.

I mean that in the most flattering way possible, because it’s made for one hell of a story with Booster Gold so far. Yes, through the characters in Batman #46, King has done something so deplorable that it’d make George R.R. Martin spit from his goblet of Game of Thrones fans’ tears. Just what that is, you’ll find out by the end — after which you’ll likely echo my opening sentiment (possibly with even more colorful language). And then, after careful deliberation, you too will enjoy the hell out of this issue’s calamitous, Serlingesque premise.

You’ll then be overcome by a multitude of emotions: head-scratching confusion, frustration, inquisitiveness, sadness, shock and awe — and ultimately, an immediate craving for the next issue. Part 2 of “The Gift” picks up one year after last issue; following a disastrous encounter with Bruce Wayne, who’s not Batman in this crime-infested Elseworlds Gotham — merely the well to do son of still-living socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne, Booster Gold (sans robotic sidekick Skeets) has decided to foment Wayne into Batman mode by breaking Catwoman out of jail and introducing the two to one another in hopes of kickstarting a relationship? I guess? Hardly a foolproof plan, but then again, Booster Gold is kind of…

I won’t reveal anymore for fear of ruining the narrative — so I’ll just say this: read Batman #46 all the way through. You might find yourself disenchanted with certain dialogue choices or deterred by seeming illogicalities — and the story does start off a little slow — but press on, as such is the issue’s beauty; it starts off seemingly innocuous and whimsical and crescendoes into a chaotic clusterfuck of a conclusion.

The art by Tony S. Daniel, inks by Sandu Florea and colors by Tomu Morey are once again solid; there are a few rushed-looking panels from time to time but overall, Daniels adds just the right amounts of grisliness and energy to action scenes and his facial expressions are always charged with convincing emotion.

Is It Good?

We aren’t done with Booster Gold’s wild, bumbling ride yet but this issue will have you smacking your forehead and wondering what (again, I say this will all due respect) jerk move King has planned next. And how/if he’ll right the ship.

Batman #46
Is it good?
Tom King pulls a jerk move. And it makes for a good story.
Solid art for the most part.
... Though the art does look rushed in some panels.
Starts off a little slow.

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