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Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate DX ‘Artifacts’ April 2018

We uncover artifacts in the April 2018 Loot Crate DX.

We here at AiPT! are big fans of Loot Crate. Just watch JJ unbox the hell out of the latest regular Loot Crate boxes. Not only is it cathartic to open these with everyone watching, but it’s fun to share in the delight (and sometimes dismay) of what we get each month. It’s basically Christmas once a month and it’s a hell of a good time. The April 2018 Loot Crate DX is artifacts themed. These objects are enchanted, rare, and well worth unearthing. Or so their pamphlet says.

Check out the full unboxing below to see for yourself:

This is a rather cool box and while it doesn’t reach the vaunted $100 value it’s definitely worth more than the $49.99 price tag. The highlight has to be the certified pencil drawing from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Not only is it an actual sketch from the popular 80s cartoon, but it’s a piece of history! Also we looked it up and the character is named Orko. Rounding out the box is a cool Avengers guide digging into the comics, a rather cool Dungeons and Dragons light hoody that has a rock band feel, and a God of War replica resin shield. Cool stuff all around. The only disappointment is the pin, but really who likes those anyway?

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April 2018 Loot Crate DX 'Artificats'
Is it good?
We really dug this box! It had very unique items not like any other box that came before it.
Cool shirt that's very wearable (though it's getting too warm for it)
The God of War shield is a nice piece especially if you like the game
The Avengers guide looks dense
He-Man certified pencil drawing? Rad!
The pin is pretty blah for our tastes

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