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‘Rick and Morty’ signs on for 70 new episodes

Rick and Morty forever, 7 years!

Yes, seventy. Seven-zero.

The massively popular Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty, which goes through notorious droughts of new episodes leaving rabid fans to instead focus on things like szechuan sauce, is apparently going to see at least 70 new episodes, show co-creator Justin Roiland confirmed on Twitter.

The show’s long anticipated third season ended in October, when Roiland and fellow co-creator Dan Harmon admitted that negotiations were “complicated”, even if they were ongoing. I guess negotiating a whopping 70 episodes would add to the complication — that’s enough for seven more seasons of the show under its current format, which is certainly quite the negotiation.

But apparently the deal has been made, and while it may not be “Rick and Morty forever 100 years” that was promised in the first season, it’s a hell of a start.

Rick and Morty debuted on Adult Swim in December 2013, spinning out of a Back to the Future parody created by Roiland. It has gone on to earn near universal acclaim, and had made its mark on modern pop culture with its dark humor and outright nihilism, even if its fans have been criticized for their toxicity.

No timeframe has been announced for season 4 as of yet.


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