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First details of Marvel Legendary’s MCU core set revealed

A game for all Legendary players? Or just movie-loving newbies?

It was a big weekend for Upper Deck’s Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game. First the official solicit for the traditional June “big box” expansion dropped, and then the first tangible details of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe core set were uploaded to online forum BoardGameGeek. That’s right, in case you hadn’t heard, a brand new core Legendary box is coming, featuring images from Phase 1 of the MCU.

But is it really brand new? Since the set’s announcement, speculation has roiled that a large part of Legendary: Marvel Studios Phase 1 (as we now know it to be called) will be reskinned content from the original core set, which already included the six main heroes from Avengers, plus Nick Fury. The information on BGG only fuels the fire.

Welcome to Legendary, the Marvel Deck-Building Game! Evil Masterminds like Loki and Red Skull lead a horde of powerful Super Villains, planning dark Schemes to destroy the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Only you can stop them, leading awesome Marvel Super Heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor!

The Avengers are back in a new setting with images straight from the Phase 1 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and more face off against the Villains of the first six movies. Three Masterminds including the all new Iron Monger and his Iron Foes try to complete their evil schemes. This nearly 400 card sets comes with a full color rulebook and an updated playmat.

Check out the bolded. If Iron Monger is all new, does that mean the other Masterminds, Red Skull and Loki, are not? Will we see a partial reskin, as far as the original content will take us? We know Phase 1 will be smaller than the initial core set, but how small? If it only has 10 Heroes, rather than 15, will the other three be new creations, or reskins of, I don’t know, X-Men? Will we have to buy it anyway, just to get the playmat???

At least we might get this moment.

Stay locked to AiPT! for all the news as it continues to break.


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