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Yeti: The Adventure Begins Review: Nazis and yetis and bears, oh my

A crossover you may not have asked for, but one that works — to an extent.

They are something of a joke in comic books today, but crossovers are an integral part of the industry. Whether it’s a one-off between two books, a cross company event, or, most spectacularly, one that occurs between publishers, crossovers bring a certain excitement with them. In Yeti: The Adventure Begins, Crude Comics Inc gives readers a crossover they may not have asked for, but one that works — to an extent.

Yeti The Adventures Begins is the story of an unnamed protagonist and his friend Cody’s trip to Nepal after finding a journal that may contain proof about the existence of the Yeti. But there may be something deeper involved than just a mythical monster.

The story is filled with promise. The book gets off to a great start with a disclaimer that the reader is about to read a story that is based on true events. It’s a small touch that adds nothing to the overall story, but it is a funny opening. Yeti is told in a mix of flashbacks and present time events. The flashbacks build the danger that the protagonists are heading to in the present.

It comes as no surprise that Yeti is a silly story; this is a book that includes a splash page of Hitler sitting on a throne as a Yeti stands behind him. The writing never allows itself to get caught up in the silliness though, and actually does a great job of building a conspiratorial atmosphere. The entire story is much more serious than would be expected.

The aforementioned Hitler/Yeti page is not the only great page of art in the book. The flashback and story sequences are done in a more detailed and slightly darker tone that differentiates it from the other parts. The art goes well with the story and, much like the writing, it adds to the humor without being overpowering.

While the story of Yeti develops nicely, there isn’t much in the way of character development. There is a story and an interesting atmosphere, but the characters are bland. The book also builds nicely before an abrupt ending.

When you’re reading a book with the Yeti and Nazis, you have to figure you’re in for something that is too silly for its own good. Yeti The Adventure Begins never relies too much on silliness though, and sets the foundation for a surprisingly solid story. There are some pacing issues, but it’s an enjoyable read.


Yeti: The Adventure Begins
Is it good?
Nowhere near as silly as you'd expect. It's a fun read that has some good ideas but lacks any strong characters.
Some great art
The writing never lets itself get too silly and has an interesting atmosphere
Lacks any character development and ends abruptly

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