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Which MCU character should team with Deadpool? ‘Deadpool 2’ screenwriters share their favorites

Which character from the MCU should team with Deadpool first? Spidey? Captain America? Korg?

When we first heard about the Disney/20th Century Fox business merger, Deadpool was at the top of the list of characters we wanted to see thrown into the Marvel Cinematic Universe mix.

As it turns out, Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have done similar brainstorming. Here’s what they came up with (per their interview):

I mean I sure wish Chris Evans would stay in the role a little bit longer because I’d love to see Deadpool and Captain America going at it,” Reese said. Just because he’s so honorable and so serious and a great character and Deadpool’s pretty much the opposite and that could be fun. We’re always looking for good foils for Deadpool.

Co-writer Paul Wernick went with a hero who’s less comedic foil and far more banter happy, Cap’s fellow Avengers founding member Iron Man:

“Iron Man, too,” Wernick said. “I mean imagine Tony Stark and Wade Wilson back and forth, you’d literally, there wouldn’t be a moment to do anything else but to jabber back and forth and my God, it would be exhausting.”

Wernicks chose wisely. If you thought the back and forth between Dr. Strange and Iron Man was enjoyable in Avengers: Infinity War, just imagine the wordplay between the Merc with a Mouth and the billionaire philanthropist.

Which Marvel Cinematic Universe character would you want to see alongside Deadpool? Spider-Man? Black Panther? Rocket Raccoon? Sound off in the comments.


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