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First official preview of Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk — more questions than answers

The Warbound playing both sides?

Friday was the day we’d all been waiting for. After some art and the official solicitation had slipped out, Upper Deck published their first official preview of the World War Hulk expansion for their Marvel Legendary deckbuilding game — but rather than solidifying anything about the set, it more muddied what we thought we already knew.

Well, it did confirm an “Illuminati, Secret Society” Mastermind, as seen in the solicit, puzzlingly enough leading a Villain group called simply called “Illuminati.” What we ALSO got to see was the other side of the coin, a Mastermind named “King Hulk, Sakaarson.”

We knew there’d be some kind of “Transform” mechanism in World War Hulk, but most people thought it would be found on Heroes. What does it mean for a Mastermind? Flip it over to its “Epic” side? Does World War Hulk even have Epic Masterminds?

More importantly, we now see that players CAN choose which side to support in this gamma gladiatorial combat, as was originally promised (but sadly not fulfilled) for 2016’s Civil War expansion. And King Hulk, of course, leads a Warbound Villain group.

So maybe characters like Elloe Kaifi, depicted on the box art, aren’t necessarily playable Heroes? More room for new Dr. Strange and Black Bolt Heroes, after all?

Click the link for more card images (including three new Schemes), but don’t expect any explanation of “Transform” or the other known keyword, “Smash.” Guess that’ll have to wait for another preview.


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