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CM Punk was reportedly backstage at the “All In” press conference. Will he appear at the show?

Is the Best in the World “All In”?

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks have done what many people thought was impossible: without the financial backing of any promotion, let alone, WWE, they have sold out a 10,000+ seat arena, making them the only non-WWE entity to do so since WCW was a thing. While the show, dubbed "All In," has promised many stars from the independent wrestling world, one heavily rumored name has been absent as of now: CM Punk.

Punk has agreed to do an autograph signing for Pro Wrestling Tees the weekend of the event, but has not been announced for the actual show. However, conference host Jenn Sterger was a guest on the latest episode of the Collider Bodyslam podcast, and had some interesting things to say:

If you got your tickets at face value for this event, I’m just saying it literally might be the best in the world. I will only say someone wearing sweatpants and training for something walked into the back of the building that the press conference was in — with marks, mind you, lining the entire sidewalks in the front of the building — and I just kept thinking ‘if they knew you were back here, they would literally tear down the front of the store.’

That certainly sounds like a former longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. While CM Punk is no stranger to Bullet Club, he is a contracted UFC fighter, and is looking for his first MMA win on June 9. However, if Punk is unsuccessful in his fight at UFC 225, one has to wonder if he’ll return to the world of professional wrestling. He has seemed to completely sour on WWE and is still in the midst of a lawsuit against one of their doctors, but independent wrestling has possibly never been hotter, and the ultimate indie darling would fit in perfectly.


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