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Zac Thompson confirms ‘Cable’ is cancelled after July’s issue

“We knew from the get-go that we were doing the final 5 issues of Cable.”

Conspicuously missing from Marvel’s August 2018 solicits was Cable, a series currently being written by Zac Thompson and drawn by German Peralta. This of course led to speculation the series had been cancelled, but Marvel didn’t provide any official comment.

Sadly, Thompson confirmed the cancellation earlier today on Twitter.

Thompson went on to say that they knew they were handling the last arc of the series when they started, so it didn’t come as any surprise. It also informed his writing, as he noted “that’s why “Past Fears” is a celebration of the character’s history and many different eras.”

Cable may be in the public consciousness now more than ever as a major player in Deadpool 2, but unfortunately, for now at least, his solo series has come to an end. It is unknown if it’s due to poor sales or if it was the plan from the start, but we almost assuredly haven’t seen the last of Cable yet.


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