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MomoCon 2018 Preview: Atlanta’s homegrown pop culture convention celebrates super hero-style!

Scope out one of the fastest growing conventions in the US

MomoCon in Atlanta Georgia : Animation, Gaming, Anime, and Comic Convention

When discussing major fan and pop culture conventions, Atlanta is known best for its annual Labor Day convention, DragonCon. Swiftly gaining on the big daddy, is MomoCon. Now in its 14th year, attendees celebrate fandom, anime, gaming, and cosplay in the Georgia World Congress Center.  Expecting over 33,000 attendees, MomoCon has grown into one of the nation’s largest conventions, with a quickly growing fanbase thanks to it’s family-friendly environment and dedication to everything awesome in fandom.

Started in 2005 as an outreach of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) Anime Club, MomoCon has grown exponentially in the ensuing years, testing the limits of what a local convention can be in both size and scope.  While cosplay and anime are at the heart of MomoCon, the expansion of the convention has allowed it to grow in multiple areas, including a massive gaming area with developer exhibits and arcade games from around the world.

The true gem of MomoCon has always been its attendees’ intense devotion to cosplay.  Born from its anime roots, the cosplay is dedicated and delightful, ranging from simple Naruto headbands to intense, screen-ready costumes that would wow at any major convention in the country.  Professional cosplayers from around the nation and beyond descend on MomoCon to show off their latest creations and learn from each other at some of the hundreds of panels and guest lectures taking place over the four-day event.

If the future of Atlanta conventions is in MomoCon’s hands, the future is bright indeed.  Join us here at AiPT for coverage of this weekend’s events, including an exclusive interview with the Senior Director of Analog Gaming and cosplay pics galore.


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