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Unboxing/Review: May 2018 Deadpool “Role Models?” Loot Crate DX

Check out this excellent Loot Crate DX in all its bloody red glory.

The May 2018 Loot Crate DX is here and it’s a whole lot of fun. This crate includes a shirt, toy, book, hat, and pin. Bonus, it comes with a poster too. Check out our full unboxing and snap judgments below!

As you can see we really dug this box. The shirt is quite cool and unique. The hat is nice, although the resize part is very dad-like. The pin is cute, although it’s not screaming Deadpool when apart from the box. The book is well made and worth a read too. The PopTaters Mr. Potato Head is all kinds of cute and worthy your office desk. You have to love the number of pouches on this thing.

If you dig Deadpool and saw Deadpool 2 prepare to love this box.

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May 2018 Loot Crate DX
Is it good?
A solid box with plenty of Deadpool love.
The hat is quite cool and the shirt is totally going to be shown off this summer.
The pin is cute!
The PopTaters Mr. Potato Head is quite fun
The "Bonus" Deadpool 2 poster is your standard freebie at a movie theater
The back of the hat isn't the best resizer
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