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‘Transform’ ups the artistic ante in Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk

Did someone say PAINTED?

We hope you’ve been enjoying our coverage and analysis of Upper Deck’s Marvel Legendary June expansion, World War Hulk, as the publisher continues to post previews.

Here’s a tidbit you won’t see on the official blog, though you might have caught a glimpse of it.

An Upper Deck representative with the user name “SammyLyn” confirmed on the BoardGameGeek forum that each Transform card (a mechanic described in last week’s preview) will not only be bigger and badder than the original card, but the art will follow suit.

The artwork for the most part is done in traditional comic book style with inks, done by multiple artists. The T[ransform] cards are fully painted, and were all done by Caio Cacau, who has worked on our other Marvel products like Fleer Ultra.

In a game that’s praised and prized for its original art, that’s some serious added value! Check out all the so-far revealed Transform combinations below, and click the link to learn more about how it works.


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