New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #800 Legacy character gets a name

Check out this new character and his cool name.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

In Amazing Spider-Man #800 we find out Red Goblin has a few new powers, one of which is to make new Red Goblins. Norman Osborn turned his grandson into a flipping Symbiote! In Amazing Spider-Man #800 he plays a part in ruining Peter Parker’s life.

Aunt May is in danger, but who is this villain? What is his name?

As you can see, Goblin Childe is born. It’s not the most original name (Wild Child from the Age of Apocolypse may be a bit annoyed), but it’s got an ‘e’ on the end of child so you know it’s extreme. He’s also fighting Doc Ock who is graciously saving Aunt May’s life.

To find out if Aunt May lives you can buy Amazing Spider-Man #800 digitally today.

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